Serinae AacleEdit

Serinae Aacle is the mother of Trailer Aacle and the spouse of Carl Aacle. Her birthday is unknown, but she is 57 years old and married at about 29 years of age. Serinae is in room 1080 at D.C.'s Hospital due to heart problems. The cause of these enigmas is unknown, but probably because Serinae is overweight. At 156 pounds, she is having a bit of trouble going on diets. Nutrisystem Silver is probably the right cure for Serinae.


Serinae's known friends are Ray Linement, Carl Aacle, Laynea Linement, Kevin Anthony, Sharon Anthony, Marian Tesco, Elija Tesco, Madam Barbera, Monicue Bathnip, Carry Viceps, Alissa Amsteldam, and DuPont Amsteldam.

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