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Trailer AacleEdit

Trailer Aacle was born on April 16th, 1990 and is currently 20 years old. She attends University of Houses for college (her education). Her best friend is Sarah Linement, who is also 20. Trailer is older than Sarah. Trailer has one younger sister, Sisikah. Trailer has two family skits. Skits are things you can make and send them in to the skit channel. Then, your skit could end up on TV. Her skits, called Midnight Party with the Teens and Midnight Time-Out, are comedies and are very funny. Trailer is a serious patient. That is a type of delicate patient. Delicate patients are people who are delicate and usually have medical problems. Trailer did not know she is a serious patient until she was 18.

College: 3rd YearEdit

So what is going on with 2nd year? Nothing. Sorry about the little conflict. Trailer has graduated 2nd year and is moving on to 3rd year. She has a summer vacation ahead of her, so I will not update this section until August 9th. See you soon!

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